A look into the world of diamond manufacturers

diamond manufacturers

The ultimate signature of romance and luxury: diamonds. Diamonds are one stone that has been sought after in all times and places. The mining of diamonds continues to take place in during the times of economic recession, thus the rightful conjecture, ‘diamonds are forever’.

diamond manufacturers

diamond manufacturers

There are 38 known diamond mines in the world of which the biggest and the most lucrative ones are owned and operated by the big fishes of the diamond world. The companies in the business mining diamonds are the ones that specialize in diamonds. The diamonds that have mined are further sorted and categorized. The diamond manufacturers have their own sorting plants with their respective categorizing standards. These diamonds are then polished, cut and sold or used for jewellery.

For over more than a century, the monopoly of mining and selling the diamonds was in the hands of De Beers, founded in 1888 by British businessman Cecil Rhodes. They were the ones determining the diamond prices as the control of world’s diamond supply laid at their disposal. It was not until 2000 when the manufacturers from Australia, Canada and Russia made an endeavour to sell the diamonds directly rather than using De beers as a middle man. It was action that put the monopoly of De Beers in the past.

This new wave in the realm of diamond industry has given a leeway for the diamond manufacturers to be independent of the heavy influence of De Beers and consequently become major players in the diamond business.

Although there now exist a multitude of companies that deal with diamond production but De Beers is still amongst the top five companies in diamond manufacturing. The other major companies include the names of ALROSA, known to be the Russian rival to the De Beers, Rio Tinto Diamonds, Debswana Diamond Company Ltd., and Dominion Diamond Corporation.

Spice up all events and occasions with a special diamond

special diamond

Diamonds are the perfect method of complementing special occasions, and making them all the more special for those you love. This obviously holds true for events and occasions like engagement parties, Valentine’s Day and even wedding ceremonies. No matter what piece of jewelry you buy as a gift, it is surely going to become a memorable one. The best part is that, diamond jewelry has the potential to express your love and passion for the person who you gift it to.

special diamond

special diamond

Couples are always on the lookout for ways to express their love and dedication for each other, and if that is what you wish to do, then it is highly recommended for you to consider buying a special diamond engagement ring for your loved one. Instead of opting for the largely available contemporary rings, give her the best surprise of her life by opting for a special diamond engagement ring. The best part is that you can easily acquire them in various combinations including white and yellow gold. However, considering that you are about to get engaged, it is best for you to stick to a white gold frame. This is because it works wonders in terms of oozing elegance and attraction and this is something that you just cannot find in typical conventional rings. She is bound to marvel the superiority of the ring!

Now, if you want to spruce up the beauty of your engagement ring, then you must pay attention to the diamond cut. The one thing that you need to remember about special diamond rings is that these are truly representative of the unique immaculate craftsmanship and intricate design details, which in turn lead to the creation of a gorgeous piece of jewelry that is bound to take your breath away.

Special diamonds can make any occasion or event more ‘special’

Special diamonds

When it comes to complementing special occasions for your loved ones, the best, most immaculate option is that of diamonds. This particularly holds true for occasions like Valentine’s Day, an engagement party or even wedding ceremonies. Diamonds will help make your gift one of the most memorable ones and with that, you are sure to express your love for the person you gift it to – the same has been happening right from the beginning of time.

Special diamonds

Special diamonds

Special diamonds used in engagement rings are the perfect option for couples to confess their love for each other. A majority of couples these days present contemporary rings for their loved ones considering that these can easily be acquired in varying combinations including yellow gold and white gold. However, when it comes to engagements, people typically like having their special diamonds placed in a white gold frame. The reason for this preference is simple: white gold literally oozes attraction and elegance – something that simply cannot be found in contemporary rings.  Their superiority is simply incomparable!

People who are interested in having a bit of a design to make their diamond rings special can take up many different options in terms of diamond cuts. The best part about special diamond rings is that these typically feature unique and delicate craftsmanship together with intricate design details, all of which eventually lead to the creation of ornate rings that are definitely going to be a hit.

Choosing a distinctive pattern for your special diamond ring has its very own glamour associated with it. The best part is that these can be combined with various types of metals, and you may even choose to opt for multi-toned diamonds. People at times even choose to have a slight stone combination formed over their rings to add to the elegance and appeal of their diamond rings – and to make them a lifelong treasure.

What Makes a Diamond a “Special Diamond”

Special Diamond

Every gemstone is a special stone. Whether it forms a central part of your or someone else’s life is not necessarily the case every time. Simply the fact that this crystal has a shade or hue of extraordinary beauty makes it stand out from its fellow rocks. But when the talk comes around to diamonds and not just ordinary gemstones, then every diamond is a special diamond. It does not matter whether it is small or big or normal sized (as opposed to gemstones) it still is way up there on the gemstones’ food chain so most definitely it gets the preferential treatment.

Special Diamond

Special Diamond

What exactly started the whole special diamond affair in the first place? Why are diamonds regarded so highly? There are basically four things that make a diamond so special.


Technically the hardest substance known to mankind, this particular gemstone is resilient to deterioration. Nothing can break, chip or reduce the tenacity of this gem in question.


The fact that this stone can endure years and centuries worth of wear and not show the slightest inkling of being worn out is in essence what makes it so priceless.


The beauty of this stone is so unique that each one is different from the other. Like fingerprints, they are singularly significant and every stone’s features are impossible to replicate. Almost like the owner, every diamond has a personality of its own which makes up for the term special diamond.


Being limited in supply is another reason for why this stone is in such major demand. To give you a rough idea, around 250 tons of ore are needed to produce only one carat of rough diamond. From rough diamonds, only 20 percent are viable for cutting.

Special diamond is a term that can be fully understood once one has fully grasped the grandeur of the gem.


Princess Cut Diamonds For Glitzy Looking Rings

princess cut Are you looking forward to those unique looks through which your personal grandeur could be enhanced in an effective manner? Then, you get to experience all those features through the best features are realized in a precise fashion. Overlooking the round brilliant design in every manner, this innovative design is the most preferred by all those who look forward to exclusive features in an extensive fashion. Customers get to prefer the shape of such a uniquely designed ring in the form of rectangle or square. Especially, the inverted pyramid design is known to offer comprehensive looks through which maintaining highest standards of jewelry is possible as per the requirement.

Buy Princess Cut Jewelry Accessories for Affordable Price

Concentrating upon the latest jewelry design will let you organize your personal requirements in an effective manner. By going through a wide range of features in an extensive manner, you get to obtain the most deserving looks without spending any amount extra. Reputed jewelry designers too are known to consider this specific design for special occasions on a regular basis. Most importantly, it suits mostly those who plan for their engagement or marriage in the most effective manner. Perfect quality features too could be maintained in the long run without going through any major issues.

Princess Cut Diamonds in Great Demand for Advanced Features

Maintaining premium looks through precious diamonds is something that is possible in a unique manner. Master cutters who are known to make maximum use of their talent levels in order to produce the best results will make best use of such diamonds as per the requirement. Special discounts offered upon such accessories will ensure that more sophistication is obtained the concerned professionals as per the requirement. Instead of compromising with the lackluster standards with conventional designs, it is better to focus upon latest range of diamonds in accordance with the latest needs.

Wear Princess Cut Rings Studded with Original Diamonds

People looking forward to display their unique features with the consideration of various jewelry accessories will be able to realize maximum benefits as per the requirement. Any of the diamond rings that you consider in this context will prove to be most effective due to the importance given to the design and reliability. Robust designs are more available with the increasing demands for the originality and durability. Perhaps, wearing such rings for any occasion too is easily possible without experiencing any design problems for sure.

Add New Facet to Your Jewelry Preferences with Princess Cut

Obtaining all those looks that you have been eagerly looking forward to all this while will let you approach one of the best master cutters. Perhaps, you get to manage the best features without focusing upon any additional problems. All you need is to ensure that you are able to experience maximum design features in sync with your actual needs. Attractive offers announced upon such diamonds and rings will let you materialize successfully all your needs in precisely the same way as you anticipate. Unique representation of your personal adorning needs will prove to be most effective for sure due to these perfectly shaped diamonds.


Unique Range of Princess Cut Diamonds with Finesse

Experiencing the highest quality of diamonds with unique features will let you explore all those concepts that are helpful in the most comprehensive manner. Usual designs of latest diamond models will prove to be hugely beneficial for you in case you give preference to innovation than luxury. Professional cutters are known to display their expertise in the most diverse fashion because of the inclusion of innovative designs in an effective fashion. Concentrating more upon your diverse range of needs so that you could attend a party or occasion in style will be consummate with the ideal choices you make in the case of these diamond designs.

More Information About Princess Cut Model of Diamonds

Maintaining desired features with the consideration of latest designs will help you in organizing your priorities without going through any issues. Any design you prefer for the diamond that has been studded in either square or rectangle shape will let you experience the most perfect designs in precisely the exact manner as you feel. Eventually, you get to celebrate special occasions by boasting creative features of the jewelry without going through any major issues. All you need is to match the purchased jewelry with your requirements in an exact manner as per the requirement.

Unbelievable Offers Upon Princess Cut Rings for Special Occasions

Solemnizing your marriage in the most effective manner is something that is very much possible with the purchase of those rings that are most unique in shape and size. It is because of these rings that you get to experience maximum quality standards without going through any lackluster deals. Contacting one of the skilled cutters to boast your rings in the most unique manner as possible has to be considered as per the requirement. By going through the latest designs online, you get to maintain your prefer all those features in an exact manner as desired.

Princess Cut Diamonds in Great Demand for Distinctive Features

Master cutters are known to explore all those unexplored angles of each diamond to ensure that the perfect looks are obtained in the most effective manner. Custom looks too could be obtained without going through the features in an extensive way. Effortless designing aspects considered in the most diverse fashion will prove to be highly beneficial for you as per the situation. Reputed jewelry stores are known to stock such unique models because of which you get to realize all those features that you anticipate the most. Every diamond is expected to offer the most exclusive range of designs as per the precise needs one has got.

Celebrate Special Occasions with Latest Princess Cut Rings

Obtaining the exact looks that you expect the most is possible with the consideration of all those features that you anticipate the most. Instead of wearing those rings with usual looks, you are able to maintain the best features in exactly the same manner as you expect the most. Exciting range of diamonds that offer you the best looks is something that you need to consider the most on an overall. All these features coupled with additional features will let you realize more benefits in the long run. For more about princess cut: http://lilidiamonds.com/our-diamonds/traditional-designs/our-diamondstraditional-designsprincess-cut-diamonds-new/

How to Choose The Best Fashion Diamond Rings

fashion diamond

Lily Diamond when fashion and diamond meets

To take your relationship to the next level, buying an engagement ring for your fiancée is the best thing that you can do. You will not only be consummating your love but your intentions of settling down with your spouse will clearly be elicited. However, finding the right ring is not an easy feat and as much you would like the best piece, you will have to conduct a thorough research, compare different shops until you find what you want. As a precaution you should also know how to distinguish between a fake a ring and a genuine piece. Fake pieces are many in the market and to avoid losing your hard-earned money, look out for this. If you want to surprise your fiancée with a Lily Diamond ring, know how to spot a quality type. The following guidelines will help you choose the best engagement ring made from fashion Lily Diamond.

Find Good Deals

As you look forward to buying a Lily Diamond ring for your spouse, you should also consider the time of the year. Ask yourself whether it is the right time for Lily Diamond deals. If there are influx of diamonds in the global market, you will probably get a cheaper ring but if Lily Diamond metal is scarce prepare to part with a considerable amount of money. Fashion Lily Diamond usually come into the market every year and what you should do is pick your time carefully. This way you might get a low-end diamond ring that will still serve its intended purpose well. Remember that even though Lily Diamond are the most precious coveted metals, you can still find a reasonably priced ring. Generally, prices have remained stable in the market because as previous mines are being depleted new ones are being discovered. Therefore, with many suppliers in the market you will certainly get what you need.

Know the “Four Cs”

As much as you would like to spoil your partner and make her happy, what you will spend should be a true reflection of value worth the Lily Diamond ring you are buying. Do not be in a hurry to buy a ring. Avoid unnecessary pressures and instead bid your time, inspect rings that you come across in shops and in the process master the Four Cs-carat, cut, color and clarity. These are the traits that determine Lily Diamond quality. Professional jewelers should have the diamond grading system (GIA), a standard grading unit used all over the world.


Colorless Lily Diamond usually record grades of D, E and F which are the highest grades given to precious metals. This means that colorless diamonds are of high quality compared to clear white ones. Colorless diamonds are known to sparkle when reflected in light. They are the most expensive to acquire. However, fashion Lily Diamond that record grades beyond F are low in quality. These diamonds are cheaper to buy but this does not mean that they are less worthy.

Lily Diamond Clarity

In the GIA scale, a Lily Diamond is said to be of higher clarity if it has no blemishes both on the inside and outside. Flawless Lily Diamond are however rare and if any exist you will not lack a single blemish on them. Grade F diamonds is considered flawless but if it falls below 4 grades, it will have a lower clarity. I1, I2 and I3 are the lowest clarity grades that can be assigned to a diamond in the GIA scale. As you shop for the best diamond engagement ring, you can still acquire SI1 and SI2 diamonds because they are slightly clearer that the two and will cost you less too. Note that even though diamonds that have high clarity are overpriced, you can still get value from a low clarity diamond. To the naked eye all diamonds are flawless, but the truth is all pieces have blemishes and even the top quality diamonds have scratches.

Lily Diamond Carat


Carat is simply the weight of the Lily Diamond and in many cases the bigger the Lily Diamond, the more expensive it will be. Even a one-carat diamond is not cheap. If you are on a specific budget, diamonds with carats of less than 1% will suit you. Instead of straining to buy a one-carat or two-carat diamond you can save some cash for use in other projects.

Lily Diamond cut

Though color of the Lily Diamond is important, the cut is what makes it look good and appealing to the naked eye. The cut has a greater influence on a diamond’s reflective qualities and if it is compromised, you will get a low-grade ring. Diamonds that when reflected in light seem to sparkle most come from the best cut and in the GIA scale such pieces fall under “excellent” or “very good” category. Though plain diamonds will cost you less, their cut makes them less worthy. They are cheaper yes but they will lose their value quickly. Therefore, save on a good quality diamonds and avoid poor cuts.

Lily Diamond Grading Reports

As you shop for fashion Lily Diamonds, visit established jewelery stores. If you have little knowledge on the characteristics of a good diamond, it would be better if you shop in well-known jewellery chains. Deal only with retailers that you can trust. In addition, demand to see a diamond grading report that the jeweler or retailer possesses as proof that he is selling quality precious metals. Fashion diamonds that have grading reports are worth buying. Besides, you will need the grading report to reclaim your diamond ring if it is stolen or needs to be replaced.

If you consider all these factors, you will get the right Lily Diamond ring for your fiancée. Remember that a quality piece will cost you more but if you cannot afford such you do not have to stretch yourself financially. With the little amount of money that you have, you can get a Lily Diamond ring that will still thrill your spouse and bring a smile to her face. It may be a 0.5 carat diamond but still worthy enough to be worn. If you follow these guidelines step by step you will get the exact diamond ring that you need and you will find any challenge that comes your way easy to deal with.

Five Stylish Tips On How To Wear Fashion meteor cut Jewelry Elegantly

Portrait of beautiful woman with jewelry

meteor cut fasion is back

Do you want to get into the fashion jewelry meteor cut trend today? Wearing of these stunning fashion jewelry meteor cut have become so popular. Some people can rock this particular trend, while some can’t really fit these type of jewelries to their outfit. It’s also important to know which of these fashion jewelries can go with a certain outfit, so that it’s appropriate and effectively trendy. You have to understand that style and fashion are ever changing and fashion jewelries are also constantly changing. Creating your own style is never easy, there are going to be lots of challenges, criticisms, and fashion failures. People usually think that the more jewelries, the merrier. However, if you want to look elegant and sophisticated, you have to be careful how you wear your fashion jewelries. There are lots of fashion advises online that you can check and apply. Here are five stylish tips and tricks that you can follow when you have to wear a meteor cut  jewelry to match your outfit.


Choose Different Colors for a Neutral Outfit

Today, most contemporary and elegant outfits tend to be neutral in color, such as black, grey, white, or beige. You can add a touch of colorful gems and two-toned or three-toned metal jewelries to accentuate a modern neutral outfit. Over sized pendants can also complement a simple solid colored dress and stands out to create a fashionable aura. With neutral colors on your outfit, you can experiment more colors and designs for for sparkling fashion jewelries. However, if you want to wear colored clothes, these fashion jewelries are also kept at a minimum or you can use a one-toned piece of meteor cut  jewelry. The colors on your outfit will not bring out the best appearance of your jewelries anyway, so it doesn’t add any complement at all. Just aim for an outfit that helps each other for a sophisticated look.


Large Dangling Earrings for a Tube Top

If you opt to wear a tube top, you can definitely wear your largest and longest fashion earrings that you have in your closet. However, if you’re wearing an almost closed neck, you can forget about the long dangling earrings. The more your neckline is far from your neck, the bigger dangling earrings you can wear. These lovely dangling earrings will never be appreciated if it’s not that visible. A tube top can perfectly showcase the dangling earrings that you’re wearing. Dangling earrings also works well if you have a swan neck or a long neck, but it’s not so good for those who have shorter necks.


Vintage Fashion meteor cut Jewelry is Back

If you love the vintage style, this is your moment to behold. Vintage is totally back in the fashion industry and more people are wearing these vintage inspired fashion jewelries without even knowing it. Large gemstones on a bronze colored ring and locket pendants are two of the most loved vintage fashion. This kind of style can go well with vintage lacy dresses and lovely vintage blouses. People love the retro feel of vintage fashion that these vintage pieces are also incorporated with the modern look. However, the colors of the outfit should complement the colors of the jewelries. Avoid any combination of bright colors if your want a vintage appeal. You may want to consider an aquamarine, jade, turquoise, peridot, or an amethyst gemstones for your vintage rings. These colors can easily be combined in any outfit that you have. They are the soft colors that are vintage-inspired.


Avoid Wearing Too Much Fashion Rings on Your Fingers

A stunning fashion ring is usually enough for your hand to flaunt. Don’t over accessorize your hands with two or three rings or you will look overwhelming on style. Just one ring with a large gemstone on it is good to go for the day’s outfit. A slim ring with a diamond or small gems are worn on the ring finger, while those that appears overbearing can be worn on the index finger. Of course, it still depends on your own preference, but wearing a ring on your smallest finger can be a distraction and uncomfortable. Remember not to over emphasize fashion jewelries in order to emphasize its beauty and charm.


Be Careful to Use Those Fashion meteor cut Jewelry Sets

It’s good to have a set of fashion meteor cut jewelry, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear them all together at one event. The basic principle in wearing fashion jewelries today is to partner earrings with bracelets and necklaces with rings. You should never wear them all at once or you will look overly adorned than elegantly jeweled. Knowing this basic principle in wearing jewelries can make you think twice when you buy a meteor cut  jewelry set. Meteor cut Jewelry sets are one of the best deals, but it really isn’t necessary to buy them. Buying various meteor cut  jewelry pieces in various stores can even offer more appeal to the user when combined together. For instance, combining together bracelets are fun and exciting. You can buy these bracelets separately, but you can use them together to add a unique style from your own fashion sense. To make an outfit appropriately fashionable, you should learn how to mix and match. If you’re not sure of what to do, just wear a piece or two of your fashion jewelries.


A good fashion taste knows its limitations while it wanders off to new creative ideas. Don’t be afraid to use these pretty fashion meteor cut  jewelry, but make sure that you’re not over bearing your own fashion sense. People are more experienced in fashion nowadays and others even go for an analysis of whoever’s outfit out there. You have to know as well what event you’re going to and on what time. The more formal the event is, the more you have to wear formal fashion jewelries, such as diamonds, ruby, or pearls. These gems sparkles against the night lights so attractively and beautifully that it will surely garner so many attention from the fashionable crowd. Don’t hesitate to wear all those jewelries adorned with many gems on an evening event. Be bold as you work your way to show the world the fashion sense that you have. Inject your own personality in every meteor cut  jewelry combination that you experiment to do and you will soon discover that you are more fulfilled than just wearing those that are put into sets already.

Importance Of Fashion Actors In The Entertainment Field

fashion actorsGlamor industry has always been beckoning talented actors who could display emotions in the most sensible manner as possible. By going through the current crop of actors, it can be realized that originality is brought to the fore without going through any major issues. This is because of the fact that the natural ease with which they get to act. Several benefits are obtained by producers and directors who work along with them on major assignments. Meanwhile, the process of filming ads and movies upon them becomes highly effective without any major issues experienced.

Photogenic Faces of Fashion Actors is a Major Asset

Displaying a body language that reflects maximum ease has to be considered in the first place because of which ad shoots could be completed in a short span of time. Even the picturing of movies too could be accomplished in no time because of which a new definition could be had for acting in a prolific fashion. Meanwhile, the photogenic faces of such actors will connect instantly with the viewers due to which more interest will be generated among the masses for sure. Promoting a poorly performing product in a highly successful manner is best possible because of the inclusion of several features as per the latest requirements.

Fashion Actors are More in Demand for Originality

Emotions that are displayed in the most natural manner as possible is very much important so that no major issues are experienced in the first place. Additionally, it is because of the consideration of various reactions at different levels due to which people get to realize the best features as per the requirement. It is necessary to appear fashionable without compromising in any manner is something that has to be considered to a maximum extent without going through any major issues on the whole. Conventional actors demand more money in comparison to these actors even without a proper body language.

More Benefits Offered by Fashion Actors for Entertainment

Doing justice to any given role in an effortless manner is what any fashion actor is known for. Perhaps, it is necessary to maintain originality in whatever one does without compromising with the existing standards of acting in any manner. Also, there are several instances during which an actor is offered more money for displaying acting histrionics in the most prolific manner. In case the person is connected to the fashion industry, then the results obtained will bear fruit to a greater extent for sure.

Approach Fashion Actors for Successful Completion of Projects

Reputed directors and producers are well aware of what to expect from an experienced actor connected to the fashion industry. However, it is necessary to focus upon several aspects in an extensive manner so that the best results are obtained as per the requirement. Acting when associated with fashion will unleash stylish antics in a highly efficient manner. Eventually, it is necessary to go through various projects in the past that displays what an actor could do after coming from the fashion industry. It is needless to say that they are the ones who get to bag best acting offers.

Contact Fashion Actors For Prestigious Acting Assignments

Multiple benefits of acting could be realized once a fashion actor of maximum popularity is contacted on time. Several instances of acting are displayed in a highly prolific manner because of which maintaining perfect quality features is experienced as per the requirement. Numerous acting assignments are available for all those who are able to display their histrionics in the most natural manner as possible. Getting into the thick fold of acting depending upon the role an actor has been offered is something that is most important. Fashion models who are able to emote the feelings with perfect timing maintained will be the most successful actors.

Fashion Actors with No Major Background are Effective

Entertainment industry will always beckon those actors who are able to display their finest skills with certain amount of finesse. However, it is because of the natural emotions displayed by such actors because of which their demand has been sky rocketing. Most of the production houses look forward to pocket such stardom by offering them huge remuneration. Coupled with the brilliance of an experienced director, such actors are known to shine in a prolific manner because of their fashion backdrop. It is necessary that they associate their requirements on time with major features maintained as per the situation for sure.

Ideal Reasons for Choosing Fashion Actors for Major Projects

The dearth of quality actors in the industry has always been a major concern for directors who look forward to more creativity always. However, there is no reason for them to panic because of the availability of fashion models readily who are capable of acting in the most natural manner as possible. All it is expected from any director is to obtain what all they expect in the right way without subjecting such actors to harsh methods. Hence, it is necessary to hold detailed discussions in a proactive manner without going through any major issues.

Highest Paid Fashion Actors without Any Filmy Background

One of the stark realities in the entertainment field is that even trained actors might not get successful no matter how hard they might try. In contrast, there are those who are lucky enough to bag reputed projects in an effortless manner. This is proved in a righteous manner in the case of all those fashion models who are capable of displaying the best acting skills naturally. By going through the previous ad films and movies in this regard, it is possible to understand this fact from a closer perspective.

Contacting Fashion Actors for Specific Roles Successfully

It is difficult to find the right talent whenever one expects the most. However, the advancements in the computer technology has made directors more aware of what they need and how they obtain. Social networking websites are known to stock the profiles of actors associated with fashion to maximum extent. Searching such profiles for a little while will help them in obtaining the best results that will do a world of good for the current projects being handled by the concerned directors. Understanding the importance of such actors in a multifaceted manner is what that is most important.

Top 10 Fashion Movies shown in the Last New York Fashion Week

fashion moviesThe films displayed in the New York Fashion Week last year represented fashion world in different manner. Some of them offer twists behind the screen whereas some other describe the fashion industry in a biographical manner. Some other represented the comic angle of fashion world. Brief information about the Fashion Movies shown in this fashion film week will help you to certain new things about fashion industry. One thing was sure that the fashion celebrities who have participated at this occasion had glamorized it through their colorful fashion wears. But before discussing these films one should know what the Fashion films are?

Fashion Movies are created by the collective efforts of fashion designing and film making which involves hundreds of people to accomplish this job. The person responsible to give the film a truly lively and artistic look is its director and the fashion designer helps in making a true film based on fashion. Though both fashion and film play equal role in creating a good film on fashion but earlier fashion designer had less importance in its creation as compared to its director. The increasing popularity of fashion film festivals had compelled people to reconsider the relationship between film director and fashion designer while creating Fashion Movies as both of them express their proficiency in their respective fields of art through these films.

10. Funny Face: It is one of the top Fashion Movies displayed in the last New York Fashion Week. Funny Face had presented the story of Jo, role played by Audrey Hepburn, who luckily became the part of fashion world. Initially she worked as a clerk on a bookshop having no interest in fashion world but after seeing her photogenic face for a new campaign Fred Astaire, a photographer, persuaded her to be a part of it. Then she goes to Paris for her photo shoot in romantic scenery and dramatic dresses.

9. Valentino: The Last Emperor: This film is a sort of love letter for a dark tanned Italian fashion designer, approaching to his retirement, Valentino Garavani. But the retirement of a renowned fashion designer can not happen in a silent way. The footage of his luxurious dress making, swan song and thump of a celebrity made this film one the best Fashion Movies of the world.

8. The Devil Wears Prada: It is the story of a newly hired assistant Andrea, played by Anne Hathaway, for job liked by millions of girls. She assisted Miranda Prietley, an editor of an iconic magazine played by Meryl Streep. Though Andrea was interested in fashion industry for which she went to Paris but after coming in contact with Miranda, she had to involve herself in an entirely different environment. It became one of the best Fashion Movies by showing the magnificence of fashion industry.

7. Zoolander: In this one of the best Fashion Movies a top model Derek Zoolander starred by Ben Stiller who is paying his gratitudes to his signature look of Blue Steel is superseded by Hansel stared by Owen Wilson, a fellow catwalker, by grabbing the public attention. The popularity of Zoolander was based on his humorous induction of fun as well as his not so bright look of male model for the popular dress designer Mugatu. Will Fred played the role of Mugatu, the fashion designer in this film.

6. Coco Before Chanel: The story of a famous fashion house depicted in this film made it one of the best Fashion Movies in which Audrey Tautou starred as its creator. The story relates to early life of the designer when he starts his career as a poor fellow working as bar performer as well as a milliner and got success after much hard work. After his success he started wearing a string of classic pearls as a symbol of his success.

5. Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead: In this one of the best Fashion Movies Sue Ellen played by Christina Applegate gets ready to take care of her siblings by bringing money to her home after her mother had gone on vacations and the death of babysitter who took care of them. In order to make money she lies with a clothing manufacturer to get a chance in his company by sending a fake resume to him. But while trying to be successful in a show all her lies are revealed.

4. The September Issue: The story of making of Vogue, the magazine known as fashion bible, is told in this one of the best Fashion Movies by Anna Wintour, the business savvy but mysterious editor-in-chief of this magazine. This film is also known for its fascinating designer photo shoots and the shots of luxurious runway shows that attract everyone’s sights.

3. Mannequin: The fascination of Jonathan Switcher played by Andrew McCarthy for fashion is deeper than all the other models in the industry. He falls in love with a mannequin residing in a departmental store which was built by him. Both of them get attracted to each other when the mannequin named as Emmy played by Kim Cattrall comes to life. But he could not succeed in his love due to his fake existence as well as a competitor.

2. Head Over Heels: The benefits of living with four models shown in this film makes it one of the best Fashion Movies as all of them helps you in your makeup and hairdo. But the killing instinct of Freddie Prinze Jr., a guy living in the apartment across the road, is the don side of this film as who killed someone. In this film Monica Potter in the role of Amanda alongwith her roommates use their good looks to participate in a fashion show to humiliate a bad guy and uncover a diamond smuggling operation.

1. Pret-a-Porter: A group of offbeat designers, photographers, reporters and magazine editors in search of covering the fashion show in Paris is presented in a satirical manner by Robert Altman in this one of the best Fashion Movies of the world. This film was known for its historically memorable catwalks even after many criticisms.